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:star:Semi-private relaxed RP group. Once you're in, feel free to invite as many friends as you want, the more the merrier! For the time being, there is no limit on members.:star:
In 2002 the family of a teenage girl in Germany reported to the media that their daughter had the ability to levitate herself at will. At first many were skeptical, but within a few months the girl had become a worldwide celebrity, appearing in numerous interviews, shows, and news reports.
During this time, the German government kept a close watch on the girl and her family.

Soon after, more and more people, always between the ages of 13 and 21 , came forward claiming they had also discovered abilities within themselves - super speed, mind reading, abilities to control water, and more basic powers often heard of in comic books and TV shows.

These people had the ability to undergo a 'transformation'. Once 'transformed', they were able to use their powers to their full extent.
A joke started on a Japanese host show that these people were 'Just like the magical girls and boy's from anime's'. People jokingly referred to anyone with an ability as a 'Mahou', and since then, the word has stuck and has become the commonly accepted slang word used for anyone abnormal.

Despite people's relaxed view towards the Mahou's existence, the government still kept close tabs on everyone reported.

In 2004, 2 years after the first appearance of a mahou, a 14 year old boy demonstrated his ability to blow glass bottles up with his mind. At the end of the demonstration, the boy, unable to control himself, blew up the TV host and every crew member in the building from the inside out.
It took 48 hours for the army to find the boy and kill him, by which time almost everyone in the entire city had been killed.
It is estimated that over 3000 people died that day.

Immediately, the worldwide public went into a state of panic and protested violently for the control and end of Mahou's.
Within a week, every known Mahou on earth had mysteriously disappeared, and the protests stopped.

Mahou's kept appearing however, and in 2006, the United Nations agreed on project whereby every first world country was responsible for educating the Mahou's that appeared within their borders in a secret location, and have them confirmed as fully stabilized by their 25th birthday at the latest.

The year is now 2022, and it is common knowledge among the general public that Mahou's are somehow educated in special schools, but the whereabouts and details are unknown to the average person, and most people have moved on from the incident of 18 years ago, however some existing political and rebel groups still believe in the extermination of Mahou's.
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